Wednesday, 10 August 2011

nude espresso

i spent an afternoon with a walking around bricklane and spitalfields. the more i visit this end of london the more i fall in love with its quirky character. in particular i love the street art and the changes in personality of the space as you walk through spitalfields to bricklane. we had lunch at nude espresso that afternoon. a had not tried a flat white so i figured that she must try one. for lunch we settled on a wild mushroom omelette with goats cheese and rocket and a slice of quiche with salad. 

out of the two it was the omelette that was the real star of the show. i firmly believe that for all its simplicity, it is very easy to make a bad omelette. just the slightest bit of over-cooking results in a tough and chewy texture. at nude espresso it was cooked perfectly so that the sides were lightly brown and the centre, fluffy and creamy. the mushrooms imparted a meaty flavour and balanced well with the mild goats cheese. a was quite partial to the bread which came with a trickle of olive oil and was flecked with poppy seeds. the quiche was a bit disappointing as the pastry was quite tough. the saving grace for the quiche was the baby potato and dill salad which was really bright both in terms of colour and flavour. a really light but good quality dressing did much for the leaves and potatoes. 

the flat white was just as good as i have had in sydney on my recent trip, albiet a tad bit creamier. we also loved the almost scandinavian decor. the black and beige furniture was tastefully designed and i loved the idea of using empty black frames. 

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