Sunday, 7 August 2011

gelatorino and labg

gelato at gelatorino and labg
for a city that has a capricious summer that recedes far quicker than on continental europe, london has a lot of gelato, ice-cream parlours and frozen yoghurt places. luckily, we've had a prolonged spell of summer sunshine these last two weeks so o and i have been on a gelato eating spree. of course we've been back to gelupo consistently. i am loving the new saffron vanilla that they are serving. along with that we have tried gelatorino in covent garden and today labg in brixton. i am also waiting for la gelatiera to open its doors in covent garden later this month. 

gelatorino's flavours are inspired by the northern italian city of turin which is pronounced as torino. thanks to my friend i who is also one of the initial founders of comeconella, i have had the chance to eat, and eat really well in torino. when it comes to sweet things torino is famous for its hazelnuts and the quintessential gianduja. gelatorino carries guido gobino so at least now i can get my favourite gianduja in london. o felt like sorbet and his choice of strawberry and pear sorbet was just perfect for a summer night. i wanted to try the gelato so went for the nougat and breakfast in turin which was a milky coffee with chocolate chips. come winter i'm coming here for gelato topped with melted gianduja. 

o also tried labg in brixton today. i didn't have space for dessert but tried the zuppa inglese which is the italian rendition of english trifle. it was really good! o had the classic combination of strawberry and chocolate gelato.  

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