Monday, 29 August 2011

more gelato: dri dri & polka

yes, more aritsan gelato. it seems like it will never end, this rage of artisanal gelato parlours that are mushrooming over london. and they all promise the real italian experience. so far, despite having tried a fair few, o and i always find our way back to gelupo. but it seems as if o might have found one other artisan gelato parlour where he'd go only for the pistachio and that is dri dri. i suspect that may only last until the dri dri pop-up remains in covent garden. after having tried a couple of different flavours he settled on the pistachio and i must say it was very good. i tried the cafe espresso just to confirm my disappointment. gelupo always takes first prize for its really strong espresso. dri dri's is like a milky latte. i settled on the salted caramel with pink himalayan salt. i really loved. it is very different from the much featured sea salted caramel. himalayan salt is a rock salt and originates from pakistan. its saltiness is less marked than that of sea salt. 

and since we're talking about artisan gelato i might has talk about polka gelato too. this monochrome parlour is in fitzroy and is the only gelato parlour i know of in the area. it distinguishes itself on its super sonic flavours which have anti-oxidant properties like rooibos, matcha and mango, lime and goji berry. i would need much coaxing to try them. when it comes to green tea i'd rather have that at a japanese restaurant. steering clear of the anti-oxidants i tried the more traditional gelato flavours. the amaretto was really good with lots of rich almond tones. the coffee, as recommended was too milky. note to self, go to gelupo when in need for a coffee fix. i'd easily polka when not in soho. and just like gelupo polka has a loyalty card which rewards you for eating lots of gelato. 

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