Wednesday, 10 August 2011

gujarati rasoi, exmouth market

i love exmouth market at lunch time. there is so much to choose from. it'll cater for the most fussy of food eaters as well. on my last visit there i felt like eating something  along the lines of curry. something with bold flavours and spices like cumin and coriander. after roaming around i settled on gujarati rasoi which is a vegetarian stall offering traditional home-cooked indian cuisine. the thali (which comes served in a brown box) will give you a substantial meal of rice with three curries of the day. 

my box included a dhal with some whole cherry tomatoes, cauliflower and courgettes cooked in some mild spices and potato salad with some spinach leaves. after all three had been snugly fitted into a box i had the option to add a ladle of raita and tamarind sauce. for added colour and flavour there was a garnish of coriander leaves. the stall works like an assembly line. large sized pans hold the curry at a slow simmer. once you have made your selection the rice makes up the bottom layer with the curries on top. these are then passed onto the lady who takes your cash, adds the raita and chutney after which she deftly tucks the flaps of your brown box and hands it to you with a spoon and a napkin. i found myself a bench to settle on and work through my food slowly. my favourite was the dhal with its odd burst of tomato. the cauliflower and courgettes were merely tenderised in a spice masala. there is nothing i hate more than soft vegetables. these were just perfect. 
it was a very satisfying lunch box. lots of sprightly colour and healthy too!

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