Wednesday, 10 August 2011

more mooli's

it's not an f-ing burrito 
i've already reviewed mooli's but felt i needed to write more about mooli's. here's why. i had my most perfect bowl of dhal. mooli's calls it wholesome dhal. it is nothing but a large bowl of yellow dhal (it's a mix of masoor and channa dhal) with some curry leaf. you can have it with or without roti. i prefer mine with roti as it makes a full meal. as mooli's says, it is real soul-food. o's beef mooli was every bit as good as when we tried it the first time round. he also ordered a side of aloo papdi chaat. i would describe this as the sanitised home-made cousin of street food. it's the kind of thing we'd make at home with a quality yoghurt which isn't tart or thin like the one they use at street-food shops in pakistan. the imli chutney is sweet and tangy and the potatoes soft and bruised. i loved the tangy fruitiness of pomegranate seeds sprinkled on top.

i actually enjoyed this visit so much more because the last time we came mooli's had just newly opened up and the place was packed. this time we were able to eat in peace without having to squeeze our elbows and constrict ourselves into the corner. the windows on the front were open to let in the summer air and a couple seated under the string of lights was a picture of summer romance. i was in the midst of a twitter chat with mooli's about the dhal when o came running from the men's and said, you're quoted in the men's room. he proceeded to take a picture of a 'comeconella' quote. i was more interested in the reflections of the light bulbs  which i thought made a beautiful picture.

reflections at mooli's
to all pakistani's who are missing good dhal, hurry and get yourselves over to mooli's. i promise you shall not be disappointed!

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