pakistani recipes

pakistani recipes from the kitchen at thirty-two

gajaar halva, a pakistani cardamon laced carrot pudding
channa chaat, mama's version features a tangy tamarind chutney
aloo bukharay ki chutney, a spiced and nutty dry plum condiment

naan khatai, pakistani biscuits with a melting texture
gajjar ka murabba, a whole spice sweet carrot preserve 
watermelon with flaky salt, this is how baba eats it
m's desi omelette, a pakistani version with masala and spices
kichari, a rice and pulse dish often eaten when one is poorly
pudeenay ki chutney, mint chutney
chicken pulao, a one pot meal with rice cooked in chicken broth
cucumber raita, a spiced yoghurt with cucumber to accompany spicy food
baba's tamatar ki chutney aur ublay unday, my father's savoury tomato chutney with boiled eggs
chicken patties, a pakistani tea-time snack
mama's chicken karahi, chicken in a light masala cooked in a wok-like utensil
ilona's tea-time kofta's, my mother's cocktail kofta's
dadi's besan halva, a fudge like halva made with gram flour
nujee phoopo's badam ka sharbat, a cordial made with almonds
mama's chicken hara masala, my mother's chicken in a masala of coriander and chilli
keema aur channa pilau, a one pot meal with beef mince and chickpeas  
baba's dry beef with chillies, my father's beef stir-fry with pakistani-chinese flavours
mama's chappal kebabs, my mother's version of a peshawari classic
ilona's kachay keemay kay kabab, my mother's mince beef kebab recipe
ilona's masala for kababs, a masala for mince beef kebab's
dhood seviyan, a milk based pudding with vermicelli
keema simla mirch, mince beef with green peppers
besan ki roti, flatbread made with gram flour
dhal chawal, spiced lentils with steamed rice
paratha and chai, flaky flatbread fried on a griddle with tea
babcia's suji ka halwa, my maternal grandmother's semolina pudding
saalun chawal, my brother's favourite chicken curry with rice
ilona's channa masala, my mother's chickpea curry
aloo tikki, shayma saadat's potato cutlets
ginger chicken roti wraps, shayma saadat's chicken ginger

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  1. Now that I'm here, I'm staying!
    I decided just recently how I needed to blog more often about food from Pakistan... this list is inspiring.