Wednesday, 10 August 2011


i love that in london you can have fast-food that is healthy. and no that isn't an oxymoron, i really mean it. i love leon's wraps especially the sweet potato falafel ones. i particularly envy all those people who work near exmouth market as there are so many options both for veggies and carnivores. but now there is a new option and it's location is convenient for lunch breaks and snacks whilst shopping. it's called flatplanet. it is perhaps unsurprising that the inspiration comes from leon as there was an uncanny similarity in the concept of the food even before i had read flatplanet's website. 

as the name suggests flatplanet is about flat things. i guess that is true of most edible things here except the sweet things like brownies and flapjacks. on my first visit there with n i had the smoked salmon and creme fraiche, whilst she had the lamb aegean. what you get is an oval shaped flatbread, warm from the oven topped with toppings. it's a bit like a pita bread but much lighter and slightly nuttier in texture. it's scored into slices making it very easy to eat.

on a recent visit, o had the brownie which was really lovely. it wasn't chewy but more like an rich chocolate fudge cake. i had the raspberry and rose drink which was great in terms of flavour but a bit too sweet. i'll definitely be coming back for the mighty mexican and the corny named wikileeks. 

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