Monday, 2 May 2011

lunch at three in bani g

lunch in the garden
despite all the wedding chaos and preparations mum and i got a chance to have a relaxed lunch in the garden. i had bought her a bottle of oil infused with truffles which we used to dress up some mushrooms. our cook had also brought some apricot kernel oil from his village in skardu. the oil has the sharp smell of almond kernels and a very strong nutty flavour. i sauteed the mushrooms in this with lots of finely chopped garlic and some rosemary. 

then we sat in the garden and assembled our lunch. slices of feta cheese on toasted brown bread with the mushrooms. we all added roughly chopped walnuts for a bit of texture. we finished on the last of the seasons strawberries that came from auntie f's farm. the strawberries from her farm are so sweet it would be a sin to put sugar on them. 

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