Sunday, 22 May 2011

cafe vintage

hibiscus tea
we have a quirky new addition to our neighbourhood and it's called cafe vintage. o and i went there the day after we arrived back from pakistan whist nursing a particularly bad case of homesickness. in addition our first grocery had not arrived so there wasn't really anything to eat at home.  cafe vintage has a selection of sandwiches and some tea and cakes. i settled on a rare roast beef sandwich with horseradish and o had a tomato and mozzarella one. the bloomer with a oat crust was really good as was the quality of the ingredients. i wasn't able to finish the whole sandwich as it was quite large so o did the honours for me.

o had a filter coffee which he said was very good and i had a pot of hibicus tea. afterwards we split a scone with jam. i love the vintage crockery! i think it would be nice to come to cafe vintage on a warm sunny day and sit outside with a cup of tea and the newspaper. 

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