Monday, 2 May 2011

keemay wala samosa at mashallah chaat house

a piping hot keema samosa
there was a time when i didn't eat samosa's. it was the time when i went from being plump to becoming thin and decided to give up all things fried. looking back, i wonder what possessed me to give up these incredibly delicious sub-continental treats. now, when i visit pakistan i have to go to mashallah chaat house in super market to have my fix of samosa chaat. 

samosa chaat is a colourful concoction. an aloo (potato) samosa topped with yoghurt, chickpeas in a slight masala and some sweet and savoury chutney are served in styrofoam utensils with plastic spoons. i love the sweet, salty and spicy flavours with the crispy pastry of the samosa. the samosa is made out of a pastry dough that consists of white flour, vegetable oil and water. aloo samosas are triangles of thick pastry stuffed with slightly mashed potatoes seasoned with spice and salt. 

mum loves the keema (beef mince) samosas at mashallah chaat house. the pastry on these is thin and crispy, somewhere between filo and the middle eastern sambusak. the keema mix is usually lean in its presence of meat as it is bulked with onions which are fried only to softness. it is best eaten straight from the fryer. mum returned the first one as it was luke warm so our server promptly returned with one so piping hot that we all scalded our tongues on it. 

a scald well worth the taste of it.

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