Sunday, 15 May 2011

good for food

good for food
o isn't a huge fan of blackstock road at its finsbury park end. i have to admit that it isn't particularly savoury. it smells un fresh and looks rough around the edges. but there is a gem of a little cafe called 'good for food' which i really like. on this grey sunday o and i headed up to finsbury park to get the two five three to camden road. we were on our way to the camden garden centre to get ourselves a cactus. and before doing that we had brunch at good for food. for me it was the the tomato, mozzarella, rocket and pesto panini and for o a similar one but with the addition of salami. 

i loved the trio of colours in the panini. in place of fresh tomato there were sun dried tomatoes rehydrated in plenty of fruity olive oil. and the mozzarella was fresh and melted just enough with the heat. it was actually probably one of the best panini's i have had in quite a while. i had an almond cappuccino on the side. i don't usually ordered flavoured cappuccino but this was made with almond milk rather than syrup and was really good! i had been tempted by the cake in the window but neither of us had space after we had worked through our panini's over a rather funny article in the sunday times by jemima khan and jeremy clarkson on the denial of an affair and super injunctions.

but i guess i was meant to eat that slice of orange and carrot cake because o forgot his sunglasses at the cafe and we had cake when we went to retrieve them after successfully buying, repotting and bringing prickly-scott (our newly acquired cactus) home. i am very fussy about carrot cake and have had some very bad versions of it around london. good for food's carrot cake was just right. almost like my mum's carrot cake with a medium layer of frosting. the cake itself was very moist. i had it with belvoir's elderflower presse. 

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