Thursday, 8 July 2010


sk and i have strawberry daiquiris’s - a riot of berry red in a luscious pile collapsing in the melting ice and topped with a twisted lime. this daiquiri is the soul of summer, alcohol spiked. for starters there is bruschetta; a twist on the classic is the inclusion of a semi-circle of soft sheep milk cheese. i personally prefer my bread to be toastier but the freshness of the tomatoes and the cheese more than made up for it. sk and i both order salads. it seems to be the best choice given the heat in berlin. my salad is a riot of colour – semi-circles of pineapple, the honeyed sweetness of melon and sweet strawberries add to thick slices of grilled chicken. the mango chutney is made of slightly tart mangoes and cuts through the sweetness of the fruit and the mildness of the chicken. i love lettuce with its pale watery taste and the peppery arugula. the dressing on the leaves is creamy but not over powering and there is just enough to glaze the leaves. sk’s salad was an interesting combination of roasted pepper, salad greens, sheep’s milk cheese and grilled scampi. 

dessert was a sample – a really rich chocolate mousse and vanilla cream tart with the two flavours balancing each other and a lemon and poppy seed cheese cake with a vanilla cream which was more delicately flavoured.