Friday, 16 July 2010

leong's legend queensway

dim sum
o and i were in notting hill for a friend's birthday drink and weren't really inclined to eat pub grub so headed down bayswater instead (which seems like another china town). we had wanted to eat at the four seasons but given the half hour wait decided to go to leong's legend instead. i have already been to leong's legend i in china town. it was a good choice. i loved the decor which was quite tasteful. the lighting was low, the furniture black and tables were separated by what looked like partial screens made of wood. 

since both o and i love dim sum we started with vegetarian dim sum. the vegetables were moist and full of flavour and pastry just perfect. and they were piping hot! for entree's we ordered the kung pao chicken. o loves it. and i picked the squid which was stir-fried in oyster sauce. we both had steamed rice with it. the kung pao chicken was a medley of colour and nutty flavour. the squid was generous and accompanied by a lovely dark sauce which had a hint of dark brown muscovado sugar and the kick of red chilli. there was a particular herb in the squid which added a slightly sharp but very clean taste. i wish i knew what it was ! 

we landed up ordering a mango pudding on the recommendation of the waitress. probably not the best option. it was a strange rather tepid concoction set like a very firm jelly and topped with what seemed like unsweetened condensed milk. it was at best, uninspiring. i should have stuck with the almond paste cake instead. 

but all in all, it was a really good meal and i would definitely recommend it. 

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