Saturday, 17 July 2010

ginger chicken roti wraps

ginger chicken roti wraps
the inspiration for these wraps came from the spice spoon. shayma has a lovely post on mother's day: ginger chicken in the pakistani manner. i had been craving the flavours of home and decided to try out this recipe. and so i did. i had so much coriander left over when i was done that i decided to create a chutney of sorts and then in this vein of creativity decided to make roti wraps. i cheated on the roti (having bought them in one of those all round grocers in finsbury park). i warmed these on a griddle till hot and then put some chicken into them. o and i spooned on the chutney liberally and with it i had a salad of diced tomatoes and cucumbers.  

for the chutney you need
three quarters of a big bunch of coriander
a tea spoon of dark muscovado sugar
a tablespoon of tamarind paste
juice of a lemon
a tea spoon of cumin seeds
enough water to whizz all the ingredients together in the consistency of a chutney in a food processor.