Thursday, 1 July 2010


a warm and dry london summer is opportune ice-cream eating weather. i have been wanting to try gelupo, the latest addition to the gelato craze that has hit the capital. so on a very warm night o and i headed down to soho for some gelupo gelato. the front half of gelupo is a gelateria whilst the back is a delicatessen (albeit a slightly forlorn one). the gelato itself is hidden in round silver canisters with little name tags for flavours. luckily, the people at gelupo are very taster friendly and o and i get to try some before making up our minds. i tried the pine nut and fennel seed which was good. it is an interesting mix of flavours but personally the oily pine nut doesn’t team too well in a cold dessert. the avocado and honey sorbet on the other hand was sublime, summery, cooling and rich enough to be ice cream. i didn’t make it all the way to granita’s as i was interesting in having a chocolate fix so my final selection was a waffle cone with a scoop of ricotta, coffee and honey and a really decadent concoction called bonet which is basically dark chocolate, egg yolks, coffee, rum and amaretti biscuits. the ricotta was actually flecked with coffee and had a mellow custard flavour. o had an italian ice-cream sandwich which was recommended to him – an ultra rich ensemble of three scoops of gelato and some whipped cream in a brioche. he had the nuttier flavours as they went well with the brioche. his verdict – go for the gelato alone as the brioche makes it too rich. my next trip to gelupo will be for the granita – i am thinking burnt almond and blood orange.
any takers?
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