Wednesday, 8 April 2009


i and i tried yumchaa yesterday. on the counter, there is a small army of white jugs which hold a small quantity of tea, waiting to be smelt. no doubt a tea lovers heaven and despair simultaneously. with so much to choose confusion reigns supreme. the trick therefore is to refrain from smelling too much. yumchaa's teas have innovative names. regent's park didn't do much for i and the chelsea garden smelt too pompous to me. soho spice was a tad bit too spicy. i chanced upon chai black and was taken. it is a strong black tea with notes of clove and cinnamon. meanwhile i had reached notting hill. once again a black tea but with notes of summer, flowery and fruity. 

tea was served in white teapot and cup combinations. you know the kind where the teapot bottom rests in the tea-cup. a sort of double decker teapot-cum-cup. i & i both lifted the lids of our our respective teapots breathing in the warmth, fruit, spice, summer and autumn combined.

these two teas were really like the summer and autumn in a tea-cup.