Tuesday, 7 April 2009

green and fortune

 we’re sitting at green and fortune at king’s place – a space which is home to the guardian newspaper as well. my fiancé will have you know that this is the mecca for north london liberals who are in his words guardian reading snobs (aparently i am one of them). the seating is comfortable; dark chocolate leather sofas and low circular stools flank most of the atrium. a long table runs across the further end with black mesh chairs. there is also outdoor seating that looks out onto the regent’s canal. sitting out there it is easy for one to forget that they are in the heart of a bustling city as it is so uncannily quiet, save for a noisy solitary duck. 
the food is very reasonably priced. my free range chicken, bulgur wheat and seed salad, for all its simplicity has a lovely summery taste. the leaves are fresh, substantial strips of chicken, pale yellow flecks of bulgur wheat finished with poppy seeds.
coffee came in a tall mug. i decided to test the filter coffee, which to me a good indication of how the rest of the more dressed up coffees will be. the filter coffee was remarkably good. it was a strong blend with a slight dark almost treacle like taste. o’s sweet-tooth gave us a toffee cupcake with a very heavy swirl of icing, the taste of which was reminiscent of the icing my mum would make to ice cupcakes or spread thickly of cakes. lots of sugar creamed with butter and then flavoured in this case with toffee. the cupcake was moist, and tasted of brown sugar and a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. i’d definitely recommend coming here to unwind, with the views either of the canal or the brightly coloured modern offices of the guardian. while you are at it, it’s well worth checking what’s on display in the gallery space below.