Monday, 13 April 2009

food for thought

this tiny, mostly cramped and crowded veggie establishment has reputation on the veggie food landscape that is larger than the space it occupies. it offers an ever-changing daily menu, a host of salads, thickly sliced bread and scones. here is a sample from a number of visits. recently a black bean gumbo with corn bread – a bowlful of blackbeans cooked with tomatoes and a medley of veggies, some cheese and served topped with squares of corn bread.
on another occasion there was lentil stew. brown lentils cooked with slightly bruised tomatoes and carrot rounds and mildly seasoned. on the side was a salad of shredded beets and rocket and a pasta tossed with some cherry tomatoes.
yet another time there as a zuchinni frittata accompanied with salad and some oregano bread. when i go with h we always have the scrunch. fresh fruit, usually banana’s and berries perched on a layer of cream and a base of lightly baked oatmeal crunch.
the drinking water always tastes of oranges and lemons and mint. be warned that this is a place where sharing tables with strangers is the norm – and try not to linger too long. you don’t have to look far to see the line of hopeful veggies, vegans and non-veggies waiting to eat. 
be veggie-kind.