Saturday, 8 October 2011

pitstop cafe at berwick street market, soho

pitstop cafe
there is this mobile van on berwick street. if you want an absolute location it is on the corner of where berwick street meets broadwich street. it is on the side of the corner of yauatcha. it is a two person show called pitstop cafe and is run by carol and sing. pitstop cafe is at berwick street market from tuesday to friday but sometimes when life happens carol and sing tweet to tell you that they aren't in so it's best if you follow them on twitter @pitstopcafesoho. 

i only recently tried pitstop cafe at the recommendation of @eatingsoho. since the weather was nice i was quite content to take a walk to soho, get myself a nice lunch and then sit in st jame's square gardens to soak up some sunshine. as you can imagine the menu at pitstop cafe is quite concise. on the day that i went, there were prawn and chive dumplings, three types of malaysian curries, three types of stir frys and pan fried sea bass. despite it being a hot day i picked the malaysian prawn curry with some extra chili. this is perhaps a hallmark of being pakistani for even at the height of summer curry is a staple for lunch or dinner. 

carol and sing work with a deftness that is admirable for the fairly longish queue moves quite quickly. sing works swiftly on a stir fry order whilst carol puts together a very generous helping of rice with prawn curry for me. its colours are warm and varying tones of yellow with the light pink of the prawns stained yellow with curry. there is the unmistakable flavour of turmeric and a subdued hint of ginger. the potatoes were like a sponge soaking up the curry in which they were cooked. they disintegrated at the merest nudge and tasted really good with the rice. 
malaysian prawn curry
i am thinking that pitstop cafe will be a real treat on a cold yet bright sunny day. the warmth of the curry elevated by the heat of the chili and turmeric itself is the perfect winter combination. i am looking forward to more office lunch breaks eating takeout from pitstop cafe.  

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