Sunday, 11 September 2011


in february this year i did the guardian masterclass on eating your words. a necessary corollary of eating our words was to be eating. after all how would we write about food if we we didn't eat it. now you may be wondering why i am talking about the masterclass when i should be writing about mark's but you'll understand the relationship when i tell you that it was during the eating your words that i was introduced to hix. and we really got the best treat as we ate hix in mark's. to clarify hix is the restaurant and mark's is the bar. for our lunch we had a special menu that was served at mark's. 

to say that i loved mark's was an understatement. it's a hidden gem of dark and mahogany tones with just the right lighting. it's dressy but in a very casual way. the leather sofas have soft firmness that allows you to relax into them but not collapse completely. and then there are the drinks. the really helpful and friendly staff are a great plus as there is so much to choose from, especially the more quirky libations and cocktails. on saturday evening a very charming mia helped o, z and i pick just the right drinks. i loved the gin punch a la terrington which was basically a grown up and fluid version of a lemon sherbet. literally a candy in a glass. o's calross was a celebration of orange citrus infused rum. we sat over our drinks, just talking and catching up. 

i told the boys about the ultra boozy hix fix jelly i had had on my last visit so z insisted that we should try it out. mine had been cherry but on this visit it was sloegin. mark's sloegin jelly was crowned with a thin layer of vanilla cream and had a marked gin flavour. the boys loved it. i know that o loved mark's and that this is the beginning of a committed relationship between the three of us. 

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