Sunday, 18 September 2011

federation coffee

if you want a caffeine fix in brixton village go to federation coffee. there is much to love about federation coffee. the brightly stenciled sign board, the menu that is constructed in a colourful scrabble tile fashion and the flat whites and mocha's themselves. however, there is a slight problem and that is the lady who served us. now i know we all have bad days and i don't expect people to be perennially good tempered. but this lady, she looked like she would bite our heads off. so impatient and disgusted was she that i was almost afraid to tell her that we had changed our mind and wanted to stay and have our coffee in rather than take it away. 

the carrot cake tasted more like a carrot bread with an excellent frosting so we won't be ordering that again. the cheese cake on the other hand was just perfect. cheesy, not too creamy with a buttery biscuit base. the mocha's were excellent, with a really deeply roasted coffee complimented by the sweetness of chocolate. now, if we could just have better service next time, the experience would be perfect. 

but i have a feeling that i'll go back anyway, only because the coffee is really very good!

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  1. I'll have to make it a point to try this place when I am in Brixton!