Sunday, 6 November 2011

remember remember the gizz-mo movember

movember at byron
i'm a girl and girl's don't do moustaches (of course there are exceptions to this rule but i am not one of those girls). being moustache-less however, doesn't leave me any less of a mo-sista because my appetite as a lover of food makes me a very effective one at byron. byron has a movember burger on its menu called the gizz-mo, fifty pence from which goes to the charity movember.

the gizz-mo is what happens when food writer, tv presenter and chef gizze erskine meets a moustache in the byron kitchen. it is a rather manly combination of good minced beef with a minimum of handling, judiciously spiced and cooked medium rare. it is then topped with a welsh rarebit topping and the classic burger adornments - a thick slice of buffalo tomato, a red onion sliced thin to tone it's aggression and a little lettuce. all this sits between a soft white bun. byron serves all its burgers with a pickle on the side. 

on friday night d, a, o and i met at byron covent garden for some serious gizz-mo-ing. the table had a very predictable order of four gizz-mo's, some fries, beer and a chocolate malt milkshake. we all have our burgers medium rare. out of the four of us it was only a who had an enviously bushy moustache. he's a year round supporter of movember.

a's moustache: o and a sharing a chocolate malt milkshake
cheese on a burger is always good. welsh rarebit on a burger patty is cheese with an 'oomph'. it's a rich mix of mature and smoked cheddar with a little heat from mustard powder, the sweet saltiness of worcestershire sauce bound with guinness and egg yolk. the latter is what is what gives it its viscosity and allows it to drape the patty.    

the gizz-mo
it's a burger worth having and it's definitely one that you shouldn't miss. the gizz-mo is a movember special so give it the loving that it deserves, especially since it's for a good concern. and while you are doing good, please help me do my bit for movember by donating here   

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