Friday, 25 March 2011

whitecross street market

go was in classes second week of march to prepare for his cfa (chartered financial analyst) exam. his version of the acronym is much less kosher as it involves expletives and rude terms. his classes take place in the city near moorgate. the monday that he started was commonwealth day. as this is a privilege holiday for me i decided to meet my other half at whitecross street market for lunch.  by half past noon the street was full of professionals standing in long queues waiting to be served for lunch. there is quite a wide choice - vegetarian, indian, mexican, italian, spanish and middle eastern to name a few. i was quite tempted by the venison steak sandwiches. although i told o he should go ahead and get whatever he wanted to he decided to have the same. i sometimes don't understand why he lands up having things that he isn't very keen on. he doesn't like sandwiches or anything un-toasted. he much prefers hot things. 

venison being fried
i really enjoyed my sandwich (despite not being able to finish the whole thing). very juicy venison done medium rare on the spot, medium sliced and then piled into a bun which had been lightly buttered. for condiments there was a thin layer of english mustard and some kind of a fruit jelly. 

we finished of with coffee at fix. o had a regular filter coffee and i had a iced mocha which was excellent. possibly one of the best iced mochas i have had with the a good ratio of coffee to chocolate. although both the coffee and chocolate were strong they  were distinct entities. often i find that with a mocha you land up getting more chocolate for your coffee. o had a hazelnut chocolate chip cookie which was good in a very banal manner. it was a standard cookie with a loose buttery crumb. 

fix coffee
fix itself is large and spacious (on account of its high ceilings) and despite it being full the voices of the people were a mellow hum, a bit like a bee hive of activity. for some reason the eco-friendly bulbs they use are called gay bulbs. i wonder why. i think i'll have to ask them next time i make a visit. 

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