Tuesday, 8 March 2011

la fromagerie

toasted granary with farmhouse butter, smoked 
cheddar and waterloo
number thirty-two was bread-less on sunday. so instead of running out and getting some we decided to brunch out instead at la fromagerie. the la fromagerie has a tasting cafe. the one at the highbury location has a concise menu and the best cafetiere coffee. o and i started out with the coffee over the observer [reading the newspaper here is a bit of a navigational nightmare with all the cups and cutlery and breakfast].

o had a bagel with smoked salmon. i had slices of toasted granary with strawberry preserves and seville orange marmalade. the marmalade was excellent with a sharp edge and slightly acid sweetness. o and i also spilt some cheese - he chose a lovely smoked cheddar and waterloo. the waterloo is texturally similar to brie but much milder and less creamy.

i love the fact that la fromagerie has so much attention to detail. the coffee and tea cups are warm to touch and even the simplest things like bread, preserves and butter are served in a pleasing way... 

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