Friday, 26 February 2010

trying moolita

mooli is a veggie, a giant radish really.
in my home country they eat strips of it dipped into a tangy masala of ground red chilli and some salt.
but here in london mooli isn't just a veggie.

it is [described in the words of mooli's itself]
'warm flavourful fillings, zesty salsas, vibrant chutneys and crunchy salad, all rolled in a fresh homemade roti.'

mooli's offers five mooli's (you can get mini sized ones too). they are wraps whose fillings are inspired by a fusion of flavours from different parts of indian. they are all very creative and bring on sweet and tangy, salty and spicy all together. the mini mooli's are actually a good way to try out what's on offer. i had the asparagus and beef mini mooli's. o had the paneer and beef. a went for the beef and pork. i am afraid i can't speak for the pork myself as i don't eat it but the boys loved it, really and truly. the pork mooli is goan inspired and is teemed with a rudy red pomegranate seeds and salsa.

the beef mooli is inspired by kerelan cuisine which explains the spice factor. it's really really hot. but the beef is incredibly tender and literally melts in the mouth having being braised in malabar spices. the cooling cucumber raita is a perfect edition as is the crunch of leafy greens.

the asparagus mooli was curiously good. it had the flavours of indian chaat which to me is the ultimate in indian street food. the asparagus held itself well having been just slightly cooked. the potatoes were soft and disintegrated mixing with the cumin and tamarind sauce.

i had a bite of o's paneer mooli diced small and full of spices that were warm but not chilli. with that there was grated carrots and some kind of slight sugary and tangy tomato chutney.

the roti's themselves were excellent. they were sturdy enough to hold in all the fillings and yet tender enough. oftentimes i find that wraps that are warmed and filled get tough as soon as they cool down. mooli's doesn't suffer from that problem.

and here's what you will love the most about mooli's. it's really really good on the pocket.
truly good nosh for less dosh. too bad i didn't have my camera to get a snap shot of mooli but that's an excuse to visit again soon.

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