Tuesday, 9 February 2010


on our arrival in turin, i and s take us to hobbs. on my previous trip we had been there for lunch with i. this time we were there for an oddly timed breakfast/coffee. i has followed the changes and relocations of this eatery faithfully since the time she was a child (including its name changes).

hobbs is warm, with soft yellow lighting and simple furniture. a large glass display holds the days dolce. there are cakes, muffins, croissants, tarts and biscuits. i runs us through the options but in predictable fashion we order the pear and chocolate cake. o decides on the orange. with that i have a cappuccino, i and s tea and o has some kind of a rich coffee with chocolate and hazelnuts.
the pear and chocolate cake is incredibly moist and melts in the mouth more like a soufflé or molten cake. long slices of pear run along the centre of the cake and add a fruity sweetness to the chocolate. o’s orange cake is equally good. the orange is strong and fresh against the denseness of the cake. in italy i never have to sugar my cappuccino. there is perfection in the roasting and making of the coffee that does not lead to a strong slightly better aftertaste. so the sweet of the cake was undercut by a really well made cappuccino.
it was a good way to start our stay. [and at least this time i didn’t twist my ankle on the way out from hobbs like last time].
via cavour| 22| 10073 ciriè| turin (piemonte) | italy