Tuesday, 13 May 2014

reworking a childhood favourite for food&_

labne, honey and zaatar
i have written about my childhood favourite dahi cheeni, literally translated, yoghurt sprinkled with sugar and its reworked version of labne, honey and zaatar on food and. the story begins at my parents house when 'i sat down to a breakfast of yoghurt drizzled with honey with a sprinkle of roba’s mother’s palestinian zaatar. i ate it with toasted roghni naan, a clay oven baked flat bread made from dough enriched with milk, sprinkled with sesame seeds and brushed with ghee.' 

read the full piece and the recipe here.


  1. Mehrunnisa...this is so wonderfully written! Its fantastic to have such a mixed diverse heritage ...you should be very proud of all the lovely food traditions ...thanks for sharing

    1. thank you for your kind words aditi. it is indeed a diverse and very mixed heritage. i feel very privileged to have these influences in my life. m x