Tuesday, 19 June 2012

e5 bakehouse

e5 bakehouse
e5 bakehouse is to be found under the railway arches of london fields station. the arch itself is cavernous but manages to maintain an air of cosiness. no doubt the ovens are what warm the space but the real charm is the yeasty smell of slowly fermented and baked bread. on my first visit i bought half a loaf of the quintessential hackney wild. it is beautifully crafted with a flour dusted rim and a light sheen on its surface.
it is a traditional pain de campagne made with a combination of white, rye and wholemeal flour. it is a mild sour dough that stands up well to sweet and savoury elements. i had intended to smear its lightly toasted surface with a slick of salted butter but it was so good that that i ate it plain standing at my kitchen counter with a cup of strong tea. 

a slice of spelt and multigrain
spelt with london peach and fennel seed l
ondon borough of jam

shu han of mummy, i can cook! joined me on my second visit. we were there indulge our interest in sourdough and food blogging. i had shared with her daniel young’s post on ‘what’s better than toast and jam?’ an ode to the goodness of e5 bakehouse bread with london borough of jam. we spilt a slice each of multigrain and spelt. the latter had a gentle nuttiness and the former a more robust one as it included linseeds, pumkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and poppy seeds. a rose pink rhubarb jam mellowed with vanilla and a gentle peach spiced with the anise note of fennel added just the right note of sweetness. 


e5 bakehouse’s sourdoughs possess a strong constitution. although airy they are close textured which makes them well suited for butter and jam. a breakfast like this is best concluded with coffee. a milky latte complimented by the barista’s latte art skills was just the right way to end breakfast.

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  1. Oh I do wish we got the hackney wild to try that day, it sounds gorgeous! That said, I really do love the spelt sourdough. I actually went back last week to get a loaf, yes even though it's totally out of the way. I can get good rye/ww sourdoughs at the market, but not spelt ones you see. recently just bought myself a bag of spelt flour and have been feeding my starter, hah shall see..

  2. It's so worth the trip isn't it??