Tuesday, 21 February 2012

seoul bakery

cold winter days make me want to eat clear soups coloured red with chilli. i do not want broth that has been interfered with by coconut milk or creamy elements to dim the strength of chilli. as i was near tottenham court road i headed to seoul bakery. this tiny eatery is made more cramped by a proliferation of sticky note graffiti. even the front window hasn’t been spared. the menu is short and features things like bibimbap and pajeon which most people are familiar with. i have the soft tofu hot pot which is less formidable than it looks. it gently warms and restores balance to my breathing made laborious by the ice cold wind. the mildness of the tofu along with an egg cooked in the hotpot reduce the strength of the chilli. the kimchi is the cooling element. 

i tried the honey plum tea which was quite sweet but also very refreshing. the bottom of my mug held slices of green plum so fine that they had wilted in the hot water. seoul bakery is a place for a quick and tasty lunch. the tables are small, shared and cleared in lightening speed as soon as you finish. it’s popular with korean people which speaks to the goodness of the food.  

honey plum tea
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