Tuesday, 13 December 2011

the moolilicious rudolph

a half eaten rudolph
santa and his trusty four legged companion have delivered a truly delicious mooli for christmas. when christmas meets india and sits down at a table it brings us the flaming turkey raan complete with two vegetables at dishoom. the potatoes have had a make-over in bombay and long green beans have been jazzed up with masala. but one doesn't always have time on a weekday for a leisurely lunch, and it is quite possible that by this point most of us have exhausted our craving for the christmas sandwich lunch. so you will be pleased to know that the work day christmas lunch now has a new contender and for me it takes the number one spot on a quick even desk friendly christmas lunch. 

the newest mooli on the block is called rudolph. a cross-section of the mooli will prove that it's cranberry chutney has the bright redness of rudolph's nose. rudolph isn't one for dainty appetites. it's a winter warming combination of venison braised with hot and aromatic spices like clove and star anise. i like that the cranberries in the salsa maintains most of their integrity. my only comment would be that the salsa should be a tad bit sweeter to pique up the warming spices and cut through the density of the venison. i like the addition of rice too as a contrast to the exceptionally tender meat. 

for those of you who are around soho and covent garden, give up eating those sad cardboard boxed christmas lunches. if you are looking for lunch on the go get yourself a rudolph. and when you have time (you should make time!) treat yourself to a flaming turkey raan at dishoom.

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