Saturday, 5 June 2010

belle epoque

 brugge is a charming little place over run by chocolateries and tea rooms (a peculiarity which i have yet to figure since all restaurants were tea rooms too). o and i managed to eat well without falling into touristy traps except on one occasion where i had remarkably good brown shrimp croquettes and moule frite but o didn’t fare well at all as his flemish beef stew was very disappointing.

on our first afternoon we lunched at belle époque, a very quaint little brasserie/tea room whose entrance was flanked by a female mannequin who was perhaps meant to seduce but looked really uncomfortable instead. there was a set menu for twenty euros. o started with an asparagus soup, followed by steak and frites. i had the grilled scampi and a flemish fish dish for my entrée. the scampi was very fresh and was accompanied by a salad and an egg mayonnaise with cornichons. o’s asparagus soup was creamy and satisfying. my entrée of fish came in rolls resting on sautéed leeks and a light sauce which i take was light only in colour as it was very rich. the croquette potatoes were actually decorative piping’s of potato. it was excellent. o said his steak was a tad bit overdone but good all the same. dessert was a wash-out, ice cream for o with a crown of whipped cream and a smattering of ultra sweet caramel sauce and a very milky chocolate mousse with more whipped cream for me. both of us were willing to forgo the disappointing dessert in light of the overall experience.

zuidzandstraat| 43 brugge| 8000