Saturday, 8 May 2010

byron hamburgers

byron proper hamburgers say ‘why have a dry, dull hamburger’ when you can have one that is ‘cooked medium’ and ‘cooked pink’. now i know that none of us would willingly eat a dry hamburger but sadly finding the perfect hamburger in london has been an arduous task. but i am pleased to say that i have found the near to perfect burger in london. on a more than wet bank holiday monday, o and m nipped into byron burger. you could say that hail stones were the reason for our choice. byron hamburgers in islington has a slightly scratchy white façade with its name painted thickly on it. on the inside it is exposed beams and has the feel of an old industrial unit with bulbs and wires to add light and character. other than that it is basic with sturdy wooden furniture and ample space between the tables.
i like the fact that the menu is compact with no frills and fuss. it doesn’t take long for me to settle on the classic six ounce and ask for it to be cooked medium rare. o has the classic with courgette fries and a chocolate malt milkshake. the burgers are served simply on a white plate accompanied by a thick chunky gherkin. the patty peeps from under the white bun, with its imprint of glistening grill marks. while i was busy putting a dollop of ketchup and french mustard to accompany my burger o was already chomping into his and telling me that i was silly for waiting and that i had to eat the burger whilst it was hot and that i didn’t know what i was missing. he was absolutely right. byron hamburger’s are incredibly succulent and juicy with the slight crunch of fresh lettuce and tomato. the meat is seared dark brown on the grill on the outside but maintains a ruddy juice pink in the centre. o's courgette fries are fried crisp with a light batter, they are piping hot and really good!
next time you want a burger come to byron hamburgers. let’s hope that byron manages to sustain the quality of its burger especially the perfectly cooked patty!

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