Friday, 3 October 2008

italian with an italian

this is an add-on to i’s post 'the italian restaurant'. i and my friendship coincided with a lack of italian restaurants. out of friendship faithfulness i ceased to visit italian eateries hence the shock when on i’s first visit to my neighborhood she declared trying out il bacio – a local italian restaurant near my flat on blackstock road. we followed this up on a friday night on the close of an eventful week for both of us girls since we had both received positive work related news. 

we exchanged notes over a three course meal kicking of with a thick dime of goats cheese (warmed and melting), asparagus spears and pears. i followed mine with an all time favorite – spaghetti vongole with grey mullet roe. the clams were soft and flavorful served on a bed of spaghetti that was done just right. the olive oil had a strong taste with an addition of herbs, the roe on top added to the layers of textures and tastes. i soaked up the remaining juices and olive oil with bread from the pizza oven. at this point we didn’t think we could proceed further into foodie heaven but the tiramisu proved us wrong the description of which is done full justice in the italian. the italian restaurant does more justice to the food...