Wednesday, 9 July 2008

mary ward veggie café

living in student residences doesn’t always allow for healthy eating habits so yesterday m and i decided to go get a veggie fix. the choice of place was the mary ward café. the café itself is rather nondescript but is packed to the brim. the food is very reasonably priced and full of flavor. we landed up ordering the same thing. 

a thick coin of aubergine sandwiched between two squares of polenta and topped with grilled peppers and melted blue cheese. on the side was a selection of salad from the bar; cabbage with lentils and a carrot slaw with sesame. the menu varies daily and both of us were sad to find that on our return there were a new addition, an aubergine and courgette risotto. i must have had a really hopeful look on our face because we both got a taste of the risotto which was actually very good too. next time we’ll have to sample dessert... the only problem is, the café isn't open year round. it's attached to the centre and therefore gets a summer vacation. 

good for them but definitely not good for us...